Our historic car

“The BMW 502 was registered in 1962 by the head of the family, who used it for many years. He took care of it with great affection, washing and lubricating it carefully and changing the oil regularly.”

The car has always been in good condition, as its owners have always taken great care of it. It still retains its original wooden dashboard and leather seats. It is equipped with an 8-cylinder V-shaped 3.2-liter engine and 140 horsepower.

It is a very special vehicle for the family and we are all proud to be able to share it with others. That’s why we have decided to offer the rental of the BMW 502 for special events. If you’re interested, you can contact us.

About the BMW 502:

The BMW 502 was one of the first production models of the BMW brand. It was presented in 1951 as an improved version of the BMW 501. The 502 was the first BMW model to use the now famous double kidney grille. It became one of BMW’s main features and has appeared on all models since.

The 502s were precisely manufactured until 1962, when it was replaced by the BMW 503. During its production, the 502 was one of BMW’s most luxurious and well-equipped models. It was available as a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, and a convertible body version. At the time, the 502 was one of the most modern and luxurious cars. It was equipped with many luxury features such as power steering, padded seats, and a radio.

In the years following its launch, the 502 was BMW’s main luxury model. It was very popular among the elite of the time. Although no longer manufactured, the BMW 502 remains one of the most popular and respected models of the brand. Its elegant and modern design remains one of the favorites of classic car enthusiasts, and is one of the icons of the BMW brand.